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 BarreConcept is the latest workout trend rapidly spreading the globe with a celebrity following including Madonna, Denise Richards and Natalie Portman. Hugely popular in the UK, US and Australia, BarreConcept Nederland started 3 years ago and made barre famous in The Netherlands.


Discover all the aspects of a typical Barre Workout:

– Poise and elegance of Ballet – Precision of Pilates – Flexibility and strength of Yoga – Stamina of cardio training

Barre workout is a new way of moving. The method combines the best elements of Yoga, Pilates, Ballet and sports conditioning to create a new, challenging and vigorous workout. The class focuses on building muscle while improving your balance, endurance and flexibility. The results are dramatic: BarreConcept will transform your body into a real dancers body!


BarreConcept is suitable for everyone. Whether you’re young, old, a sports fanatic or a humble beginner, the Barre method is both challenging and accessible for all who wish to participate. And you don’t need a ballet background! Adaptations for exercises are offered throughout the class; this way the workout fits every student’s personal abilities.

Besides working on a fit body, BarreConcept will result in an entire new way of moving: elegant, flowing and with better posture.


The result is a fit and balanced body that works efficiently. Every sequence of strength exercises is followed by stretches to lengthen the muscles. This way you create a strong but elegant body without bulky muscles.




Regular classes

Regular classes are open to students who have followed an introduction class or have some dance experience.

Duration: 60 min

Power Barre

Take on a Power Barre class for more burn, intensity and strength.

Duration: 60 min

Introduction Class

No dance experience? Come to the introduction class on Monday night from 18:45 until 20:00 to learn the basics of ballet technique.

Duration: 1 uur, 15 min


Beginner | Intermediate | Advanced | power barre

Wear comfortable (sports) clothes, preferably fitted. Barre socks, bare feet or ballet shoes.


Trial class: 8,50 euro | Single class: 15,00 euro |
6-cart: 80 euro Valid for 2 months | 10-cart: 125 euro Valid for 4 months
Barre Sokken: 6,95 euro

BarreConcept Nederland works with an online reservation system through which you can reserve classes and pay online with iDEAL.

Looking for a healthy gift? You can now give someone the benefits of a BarreWorkout. Surprise someone with a single class, or perhaps a 6-week course. It is entirely up to you. Interested? Send an email to:

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